Divisive Duality

Flashing lights so bright
In this world so dim
To illuminate our shortcomings
And magnify our sin

The craziest things happen
In a world with no sleep
Executions matched with destitution
With the wronged getting no retribution

Life gets overwhelming
Especially when people can’t eat
Things get crazy and hectic
Where the streets don’t sleep

Yet I feel so connected to these streets
This concrete jungle
That knows no peace
Day by day commuters go
And while their footprints stay
The night itself is a different world
Unaware of the mark they’ve laid

A city so divided
By different people and worlds the same
Yet I meander in the middle
Project meets in prep school clothes to blame
For this divided city unfortunately Is all I ever see

Its Section 8 housing
Adverse to the high-rises in the sky
From the Mom and Pop shop
To the Starbucks on every block
From every swipe underground
To every taxi zipping around
It’s all apart of me
Every intricate piece
Built the man before you
My city built my struggle
While manifesting all I abhor too

What can we do in a world so grim
Where after the gun cracks you hear the train again
The cops follow slow and they never seem to help
Cause no one is here to help you if you can’t help yourself

If you make it here, you can make it anywhere
And after the blood, sweat and tears I swear
I’ll make it here if nowhere else
Cause this hard knock is my hard life
So this hard city I hold dear

A. A. Heron

A. A. Heron an up-and-coming author bringing to life the world through his own lens after all his adversities and triumphs. Despite being born in Brooklyn, NY, both of his parents were born in the West Indies and, having traveled to and from for all of his childhood, impacted his views having seen two different countries that seem as distant as two different worlds. While currently working on his second body of work, Heron has found a home with a group named Prism Collaborative and is connecting multiple forms of media to enhance his message.

Opening Photo courtesy of C. Hernandez.
Author Photo courtesy of author.

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