Delivering Death

Audiobook of “Delivering Death” by Maulana Dorce

Breaking News:
Black Women having
Black Babies in
“Black Hospitals” is
Now considered an act
Of radicalism

Yeees, folks fucking to
Populate the world
With Black Girl Magic
& Black Boy Joy
May make a Maternal Martyr
Out of you

Mmm Hmm daring to EXPAND
Your family or even
Starting one
is like
holding up
A Black fist in the ‘68 Olympics
Or exercising your right to bear arms while
Bearing Brown skin
All acts against the State

And we can’t blame 45
This existed before he got here
Before we got here
How did we get here?

Getting Pregnant while Black
Is an Act
Against the State
The city says we’ve got the answer
We’ll beat the shit outta the national average
I call it a bell hooks curve

BX 12 reports at 12
For every 1 white mother
We lose a dark dozen in
The Big Apple got a lot of wormholes
In its hospital system
And those apples only grow
In our gardens apparently

Black don’t crack but that
Shit sure do weather
And New York is like “Eh, Whatever.”
We’ll ignore their words
How dare they decry
Their condition

We put the power of our pussies
In the hands of these white pussies
Who have no pussies
But learned about pussies
Through unauthorized experiments on our pussies

Womb priestess Sankofa Ra says, “In the pursuit of integration,”

We disintegrated ourselves

from our knowledge, our ancestors, from ourselves

We were and are our own best healers

Sitting on the corner of 128th and The Problem
D Boldly said follow the money
There is money to be made on a(n) “unnecesearian”
There is money to be made on the frail soul at 35 weeks in NICU
There is money to be made on the high risk of having a baby after the world has weathered you
Follow the money…
There’s a clearance sale on Black Mamas

They didn’t Plan your Parenthood
And Place you in food deserts
For you to continue
They Planned Parenthood to abort your dreams
And filled that desert with cheap desserts
To die of betes or die having sweet brown babies

And NYC, New York Fucking City is Sure Doing
Its level best to set the highest kill score
In the rat race of the place we call home

Yeeees folks Breaking News:
Birthing Black Babies in Black Hospitals
Is An Act
Against the State

Drew says, 7 under 7
at Harlem Hospital, I say,
Safer to walk in stilettos and a pencil dress thru a minefield.
Here thick thighs don’t save lives.
They usher in one and act as pearly gates to the other.

Mamu say,
Shane say,
Denise say,
Regina say,
They bring miracles in a system that wasn’t built to serve us
Delivering life in a system capitalizing on our death
Cause as loud as New York fucking City is
The scream of black mother delivering life and death is silent

Nubia say,
Nicole say,
Yasmintheresa say,
Kiajianni say,
Sankofa say,
Ama’ritday say all I could say
I expect miracles, I bring miracles,
you are miracles.

Maulana Dorce

Haitian, Black, Female period. I write the words that the world silences and the narratives that should have been herstory.

Opening Photo courtesy of Martine Antoine.
Author Photo courtesy of author.

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