Above It All

Pounding pavement,
I escape to the streets.

I need to feel the people, far away.
Their energy explodes all around.
It hits my skin like water in a pond.

I need to see the sky, deep purple.
The white specks are few and far between.
Are they stars or machines?

They are above it all–

above the skyscrapers,
above the bridges,
above the beautiful,


writhing waters.

Above it all is where I long to be…

above the rooftops,
above the highways,
above the beautiful,


East River.

Pounding pavement,
I grind my teeth.

I need to feel the sky, above my head,
but the concrete streets absorb my impact,
making it like I was never here.

Jasmine Maldonado

I live in the LES. I have my dream job walking dogs. I have a lovely daughter who is growing up to be a beautiful ballerina. I am graduating this year and looking forward to the next endeavor. I look forward to continuing work on The Grate as it moves from CWE into the big, wide city.

Opening Photo courtesy of Rachel Harris.
Author photo courtesy of author.

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