Bet Y’all Didn’t Know Who I Be

Bet y’all didn’t know who I be

I know, I know I look like an average being

I’m that wolf in sheep’s clothing

I’m that nut in a nutshell

Matta-a-fact, I’m that seven layer cake


When u look at the surface u see a man

But let’s take it back to what I would call being an offsprang


When I came out the womb, I started as a little lady

Somehow time determined that my life was gonna look a little shady

It took my mom by surprise ‘cause now Tanya was to become Sir Brady

Yo, this is crazy

‘Cause I sure as fuck didn’t know I was gonna be a tranny


Check it! I was raised in all the norms

Had the boyfriend to prove it all

Until one moment I met this gal

Me & her became acquainted pals

In that moment

I became bisexu-al

That was coo’ & all

I was looking like that T.L.C. group

Back in ‘94


I was the aggressor

I took on the man role ‘wit the ladies

I’m telling u, shyt was lookin’ crazy


Somehow, I got introduced to something called “being butch”

In case y’all don’t know, u start losing all femininity

And all that shines is masculinity

So, I went from futch to butch

Even lost interest in all men

Man I was a full-fledged dyke

My moms was like “what the fuck, my daughter took a hike”


She looked at me in all my boy

And said “is this moment like a temporary toy?

Will u lose interest soon enough, and become my pretty little girl?

‘Cause right now u is definitely changing my world”


I says “Nah ma’ it’s me in the flesh”

She was like “damn, what could be next?”

Little did she know my flow was not done

As some years later

I became a man


I know, crazy, but I learned about strapping my chest

This is where u stop noticing I have breasts


This is where I found my glory

I went from Tanya to Sir Brady


It was a perfect fit, until the doc said “u could remove them for good”

U know, my breasts

I said “wat wat, that shyt sounds hot”

So here I go, taking it all off

And with that came every other change

Name change

Gender change

Appearance change

Document change


I’m no longer what my mom knew me to be

I’m now a man in this society

Bet y’all didn’t know who I be!


X-avier Acevedo is a poet & student at City College of New York’s Center for Worker Education.


Cover image (c) Jose Almonte

Author photo courtesy of The Grate

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