Launched in the spring of 2017, The Grate is a student-run online outlet for the underrepresented, emerging, and underground writers and artists of New York City. Curated and edited by students at the Center for Worker Education (CWE), a division of the City College of New York (CCNY), we publish one original essay, poem, short story, interview, or work of visual art every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the academic year. Over the summer and winter recesses, we publish a new piece every Monday. The Grate is an independent organization whose perspectives and opinions do not represent those of City College of New York or the Center for Worker Education.

Our ultimate goal is to create an artistic community that reflects 21st-century New York in its entirety, highlighting aspects of city life rarely encountered in other mainstream outlets. The Grate seeks to contribute to and kindle cultural conversations by featuring work that is not only beautiful but also honest. We welcome truth-telling, irreverence, pathos, whimsy, and imagination so long as it keeps sight of the central role that art plays in both reflecting and shaping our societies. Our staff prides itself on working closely with many first-time and emerging writers to hone, publish, and find an audience for their work.


(Summer 2017)

Founding Editor: Mikael Awake

Essays Editor: Alaudin Ullah

Fiction Editor: Jose Almonte

Photography Editor: Laura Costanzo

Podcast Producer: Evan Terrell

Business Manager: Nicholas Donis

Digital Manager: Michelle Ayabarreno

Program Developer: Lisa Kofod


Staff Photo (c) Kathlene McDonald

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